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The Prom Night

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It was a fine Sunday of August 30, 2009 when we had our big night, THE PROM NIGHT. More than anybody else, I am so excited to be there because that was my last party with the company and to be with my beloved agents in a night of glamour. Definitely, it was my last dance(for that date only) and a last chance to show my gratitude to whom I owed my success in the industry(showbiz). To other employees, it was just a prom night but for me it's more than that. Sad to say only myself knew it was my despedida party. A conclusion to my 2-year old career with that BPO company. Another chapter of my life closes and beginning to start a new one. Uncertain as to where I am heading to, but excited to challenge myself on how far can I go in this adventure called LIFE.


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